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We need to hear your experience with the airport

If we are to be successful in seeing Mr. Kjergaard replaced, we need documentation of the personal experiences that pilots, hangar owners and tenants have had with him and other airport personnel. Unless individuals are willing to come forward publicly with their own stories, nothing will change. Griping among ourselves will affect nothing. We need to shine a light on the unacceptable behavior demonstrated by management. It can't stay in the shadows any longer.


PLEASE take a few minutes to write about your experience(s) from the past three years. Feel free to submit more than one form for multiple incidents. We will compile and document the stories for submission to the County Commissioners. If you feel you can't share your story, please fill out the form and indicate WHY. This is important also. 

You can remain anonymous by choosing so in the form. But know you will be more effective by including your name.

My Experience

Thanks for submitting!

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