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Did you know?

Coeur d’Alene Airport is a county-owned public-use airport located in Hayden, Idaho.  The airport is nine miles northwest from the central business district of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Located on over 1,100 acres, it contains two asphalt paved runways measuring 7,400 x 100 ft and 5,400 x 75 ft.


It cost taxpayers $568,178 for the CDA Airport MASTER PLAN in 2019. The local cost was $34,721.


CDA Airport has:

  • 232 total aircraft based on the field

  • 199 single engine airplanes

  • 14 multi engine airplanes

  • 10 jet airplanes

  • 3 helicopters

  • 2 glider planes

  • 4 ultralight planes

(as of Dec. 2018​)


There are 119 public airports in Idaho


There was a restaurant at KCOE known as the Lomcevak Restaurant and Lounge. The Czech word lomcevak is used to describe a particularly extreme and spectacular aerobatic manuever.


Coeur d’Alene Airport began as a fighter and light bomber training base for the Army Air Corps in 1942. It was only the second Delta configuration air base ever built – an interesting design where the runways create a triangle, thus centralizing the facility. It was built by the Corps of Engineers


The number of GA accidents in 2018 occurring in neighboring states compared to Idaho’s 26 accidents:

  • Washington 39

  • Oregon 27

  • Idaho 26

  • Nevada 19

  • Utah 16

  • Montana 12

  • Wyoming 7

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